Welcome to the Serenade Blog!

The Naval Academy Band is proud to launch the Serenade Blog! For years, the Serenade was our newsletter that we mailed out quarterly. Two years ago, we suspended its publication, in an effort to be more cost-conscious and  environmentally friendly. We feel that presenting our newsletter online in a blog format will allow us to reach more of our fans, bringing the story of Navy Music to followers all around the world. Our blog is a collaborative effort, and we look forward to having our members contribute and share their stories, photos, and videos with you!

We invite you to join our site (using the icon to the right under "Followers"), and comment on our posts, or sign up to follow us by email. You'll also notice links to our official website, Facebook page, Youtube channel, Flickr stream, and Twitter feed. Now there are lots of ways to learn more about the Navy's Oldest and Finest Band!

Finally, here is a drawing of our Wind Quintet performing at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center back in December. It was sent to us by the artist, US Army Veteran, Aaron Provost. Thanks, Aaron!
USNA Band Wind Quintet by Aaron Provost

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