Trombone Trio travels to Kentucky

Last month, as the University of Kentucky Wildcats headed to the NCAA championship, three trombonists from the Naval Academy Band headed to Kentucky. Over the course of a two-day residency, MU1s Russell Sharp, Zac Hollister, and 2004 UK graduate Clint Woltering worked with members of the University of Kentucky Trombone Studio, led by Professor Brad Kerns.  
UK trombone studio with USNA Band trombonists
In between celebration riots from the Final Four and championship victories, the trio coached trombone quartets, taught private lessons, performed a recital, and culminated the event with a masterclass about life in the Navy and working in the Naval Academy Band.  
MU1s Sharp, Woltering, and Hollister perform for UK students
The trio was very grateful to work with such talented and enthusiastic music students, and was especially thankful that their van wasn't set on fire after UK won the tournament! 

Submitted by MU1 Clint Woltering

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