Congratulations to the USNA Band's newest DMAs!

This week, two of our members completed work on their Doctorate of Musical Arts degree, bringing the total USNA Band members with DMAs to six.
USNA Band's newest Doctors: MU1 DeArmond and MUC Williams
MU1 Davy DeArmond traveled to the University of Kentucky where he presented a lecture recital and successfully defended his dissertation, a culmination of seven years of work that began before he joined the Navy.

MUC Jarrod Williams began his doctoral studies in 2003 at the University of Maryland. On Tuesday, he successfully presented an oral defense to his dissertation.

These two gentlemen now join an elite list of USNA Band members with DMAs that includes MUC Lynda Dembowski, MU1 Sarah Blecker, MU1 Emily Madsen, and MU1 Shawn Purcell.


  1. Apologies to our good friend, Doctor MU1 Shawn Purcell! I updated the entry above. Thanks for the comment!